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Dimensioning connection nodes in
timber engineering

Sherpa connectors consist of two aluminum plates, joined in a friction-locked connection similar to a classic dovetail connection.

The system allows a secure load transfer in, against or in right angle to the insertion direction. Also tensile and compressive forces are easily absorbed and the consideration of moments stresses is also guaranteed.

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Module T10

The sherpa connector offers a wide range of applications. For each connector, characteristic static actions ranging from 5 to over 300 kN can be recorded. The design is according to ETA-12/0067 of 17 September 2019.


The selection is available for:

  • Main and secondary beam connections
  • Support and secondary beam connections


    You can chose from 39 connectors of the following series:

    • Series XS
    • Series S
    • Series M
    • Series L
    • Series XL
    • Series XXL


      • sherpa connector (ETA-12/0067 of 17 September 2019)


      Range of application

      Sherpa XL 100
      example main and secondary beam connection
      Sherpa L 120

      Prices per month (plus VAT)

      free of charge

      0 €
      per month

      available at any time

      Our module T10
      sherpa-connector can be used free of charge.