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So that you are always up to date, we maintain the software for you. Here you can find out which innovations and expansions have been integrated into the modules. At the same time, this page offers you the opportunity to get detailed information about our further development.

10 August 2019

fire protection of the sherpa connector

With update 983, we have completed the module sherpa connector with the fire protection certificate. With just one click, the connectors can now be rated in the fire resistance class R30 and R60.


In addition, we have integrated the material BauBuche. Depending on the connector, different hardwood screws in different lengths are available for joining the connector to the wooden components. Further information about the connector can be found here.


Module T10 can be used completely free of charge.

14 June 2019


With update 976 designing with Sherpa-connector according to ETA-12/0067 of 04 June 2018 is now available. With this module secondary beams can be connected to main beams or supports. A total of 39 connectors, grouped in series with different load capacities, are available. The characteristic load capacities in the insertion direction of the connector range from 5 to 300 kN. Further information about the connector can be found here.

Module T10 can be used completely free of charge.

10 February 2019


Update 973 | With this update we have made various improvements for you:

  • module T01 dovetail
    You can now include the cross-section weakening of the main carrier in the printout report. In addition, the required cross-sectional height is determined based on the unweakened cross-section of the main beam. This update offers you the advantage of making the main carrier easier to measure or simply increasing the cross-section of an already sized main carrier to account for the cross-sectional weakenings without further static proof.

  • module T08 timber panel
    The Stexon RG was integrated as a shear connector in the module timber panel.

  • module T09 continuous beam
    The mounting of the upper chord can now be freely selected. You can choose from continuous mounting, mounting at a freely definable distance and fork mounting at the supports.

  • security updates
    Security updates and various scripting language updates were made.

09 January 2019

module T09

With update 970, the design module T09 - Beams is now available. With this module, single-span beams can be dimensioned according to DIN EN 1995-1-1: 2010-12. More information about the module can be found here.



29 November 2018

Stexon RL

Update 969 | Integration of the tie rod Stexon RL according to ETA-18/0539 of 08 August 2018 into the module "Holztafel".

With the Stexon tension tie RL you transfer the precision of millimeter-accurate prefabrication in the factory to the construction site, according to the manufacturer. The manufacturer promises a simpler, more efficient and faster installation of the wall elements. So that you can dimension the components just as efficiently, we provide you with the necessary software with this update.

06 November 2018

module T08

With the update 968, the design module T08 - timber panel is now available. With this module wooden panels can be dimensioned according to DIN EN 1995-1-1: 2010-12 (method A according to paragraph More information about the module can be found here.



30 July 2018


Update 957 | including the material BauBuche, GL75 according to ETA-14/0354 of 11 July 2018 in the modules "dovetail" and "step joint". Furthermore, improvements were made in the design and report of the multiple step joint.

Bugfixes in the layout of the module "dovetail" and "step joint", which occurred when opening with the Internet Explorer.

20 July 2018

module T01

The new building approval Z-9.1-649 from 18.06.2018 enables the design of dovetail joints made of BauBuche. We included BauBuche in the material selection. All connection variations can be dimensioned with the new material.



BauBuche can be selected as material



module T04

The modern CNC-controlled joining of wooden components makes it possible to optimize the performance of traditional contact joints. With multiple step joints high pressure forces can be transmitted even at minimal cutting depths.



Module T04 "step joint" has been supplemented by the connection type multiple step joint.



module T08

Module T03 "Sheet metal parts" has been supplemented by further connectors.



The following connectors have been added:

  • joist hanger BSD
  • joist hanger BSDI