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X-fix connector

Connecting cross-laminated timber in accordance with the material

The X-fix C connection system consists of punctiform, conically cut, dovetail or x-shaped dowels for connecting cross-laminated timber elements.


The use of cross-laminated timber has revolutionized building with wood and opens up versatile possibilities, particularly in multi-storey timber construction. So far there are only a few connection systems on the market that have been specially developed to match the properties of cross laminated timber. The X-fix connection system closes this gap and thus enables a more efficient use of this material.


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Module T11

The X-fix connector enables the efficient connection of cross-laminated timber elements according to ETA-18/0254 of 07 May 2018.


    The X-fix C is a punctiform connector in the form of a dovetail made of plywood for connecting cross-laminated timber.


    • sheer stress
    • tension
    • combined loads

    X-fix connector for wood-wood connections

    Range of application

    X-fix C
    proof of the connector for tension and shear
    X-fix C
    Example dimensioning of a ceiling panel

    simple joinery

    quick assembly

    Joining can be carried out mechanically in the supplier's factory or by the carpenter in the workshop or on the construction site. The company Lignatool offers suitable templates for production by the carpenter.

    Thanks to the wedge-shaped geometry of the X-fix connector, the elements can be assembled in a very short time while being pulled together without additional tools.

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