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sheet metal form parts

designing main and secondary beam connections

Sheet metal form parts provide a huge variety of connections. Joist hangers, beams, angle connectors etc. can be found in almost any timber building. With this module main and secondary beam connections with sheet metal form parts can be designed.

Register now! After log-in you can use module T07 for designing joist hanger connections permanently free of charge. All functions for joist hangers BSNN, BSIN and BSN can be used free of charge.

Module T07

With our module T07 timber connections with sheet metal form parts can be designed according to European Technical Assessment ETA 06/0270 based on DIN EN 1995-1-1:2010-12 in connection with National Application Documents.


  • joist hangers with single or double-sided connection


    Joist hangers by Simpson Strong-Tie

    • BSN (free in basic version)
    • BSNN (free in basic version)
    • BSIN (free in basic version)
    • BSD
    • BSDI


    • sheet metal form part (ETA-04/0270 of February 13, 2018)
    • fasteners: ribbed nails (ETA-04/0013 of November 30, 2016)

    Joist hangers as wood-to-wood connection

    Range of application

    joist hanger
    example printout joist hanger
    joist hanger
    example printout joist hanger

    Prices per month (plus VAT)

    Free of charge

    0 €
    per month

    basic version

    With our module T07 you can design sheet metal form parts in the basic version free of charge.


    3 months

    2 €
    per month

    project-based rental

    To make you perfectly equipped even for non-routine tasks we allow you to rent our modules for a short period of time.

    12 months

    1 €
    per month

    permanently available

    The ideal package for your daily work. Our package with a term of 12 months enables flexible work at a low price.